What not having hope feels like

I see the photos yet it’s incomprehensible. I’m in Australia and Aleppo is so far away – geographically and politically. Working out how to respond is confusing with conflicting reports about who’s on the ground, about which organisations help, hinder, aid or obstruct. So many agendas. So many perspectives. So many questions. I sense a shared helplessness with those of us who sit in our comfortable lounge rooms … Continue reading What not having hope feels like

Wine O’Clock – not always a harmless hashtag

Who doesn’t love a good hashtag. They can be fun, flippant or a great search mechanism. But it doesn’t take long of scrolling through social media to see that Aussie women and wine have a close and burgeoning relationship. We now know that one third of Australian women are considered high-risk drinkers, starting as a social activity, moving to stress relief and then sadly becoming … Continue reading Wine O’Clock – not always a harmless hashtag

When we rally for one another

When a terrible thing happens to another human being, and the community at large rallies around them and speaks up on their behalf, it warms the soul. It happened just this week, when 21 year old James Milne was refused entry to a JB Hi-Fi store. The rationale given to James and his dad by the security guard was that James was banned for shoplifting. … Continue reading When we rally for one another

How the Ashley Madison affair exposes us all

I remember it like yesterday, even though it wasn’t. The nervous feeling in the pit of my stomach. Not being sure what to say to him. Feeling out of my depth. After all, he was the Attorney-General. Strangely, this was the memory prompted when the Ashley Madison affair came to light this last week. For those fortunate enough to have been out of internet range this week, Ashley … Continue reading How the Ashley Madison affair exposes us all

Today I am sad

Living and working in western society brings with it all the usual to do lists on a weekend. Groceries. Washing. Sorting. Paying bills. Querying bills. Dentist appointments. Pet supplies. Life admin, as a good friend calls it. But news reports make it difficult to go about my business today. France. Kuwait. Tunisia. Bloodshed at the hands of terrorists. A factory manager. Tourists. Those at prayer. Moments … Continue reading Today I am sad

And with mercy, redemption

I believe that there is right and wrong and that we are responsible for our choices. I believe that there is right and wrong and that we can repent of our choices. I believe in the redemption narrative. It weaves its way through history, taking the hardest of hearts and simultaneously softening and strengthening. It takes the worst of behaviour and turns chaff into gold, ashes into … Continue reading And with mercy, redemption

In a week of grief, what tidings can there be?

It has been a torrid week. As tragedy rolled in waves off our television screens, the numbing disbelief it brought melted quickly into heartbreak and tears. They were just getting a coffee. Simply going to school. Only being at home. The Sydney Siege. The Pakistan school massacre. The Cairns tragedy. Hostages. Children. Victims. We watched on and saw strangers like us engulfed in pain and grief. … Continue reading In a week of grief, what tidings can there be?