Koalas matter too

I have been so sad at the recent reports that someone in Kenilworth shot a baby koala 15 times. The photo below is enough to tug at the heart strings, and to consider that this seems to be an act deliberately and repeatedly executed is sobering.

It’s sobering for many reasons. Firstly, this young animal has had to endure severe pain, and this is upsetting in and of itself. Secondly, it’s troubling that someone can be so uncaring as to inflict this pain upon a baby koala. Thirdly, it’s unsettling when you consider that there’s a connection between animal cruelty and other violent crime.

Image sourced from Brisbane Times

Learning to love, appreciate and care for the world we live in is an important part of being fully human. If we harden our heart to what’s around us, we effectively shut off parts of ourselves. That’s no way to live (or let live).

~ Ruth Limkin