Schoolies isn’t the problem

Schoolies is one of those surreal occasions in our nation, when we let 30,000 underage young people drink way too much, in a largely unsupervised environment. That much of the alcohol is purchase by parents or others who should be responsible is a really unsettling thing.

And yet, before we get too upset next week, when the reports start coming out of property destruction and personal harm, it’s a good idea to remember that they are only doing what we have shown them.

This article was a good reminder. It’s not just Schoolies who misbehave when intoxicated.

Sadly, boozing isn’t limited to schoolies. It is unhealthly ingrained within much of our society and it’s celebrations. I suspect that Schoolies isn’t the problem.

I suspect it’s only a symptom of an issue we will one day look back on with astonishment. Much like the way we now view the bad old days of employees chainsmoking indoors at their desk, we will look back at binge drinking as a public health issue that took too long to be addressed.

~ Ruth Limkin