Mum declared mentally ill while reporting child abuse

… by Ruth Limkin

Many child protection workers do a wonderful job, and yet they often remain woefully under-resourced.

The following article contains a devastating litany of irresponsible, dangerous and negligent activity by Families SA.

Expert aghast to find mum was declared mentally ill while reporting child abuse | Adelaide Now.

If this is occurring because workers are overwhelmed and overworked, it is both crucial and urgent that more resources be made available. If governments are going to take responsibility for family situations and child welfare, they must do so properly, because the damage to children and families when this is done poorly is incomprehensible.

While this is likely have an financial cost, the behavioural, social and health problems likely to develop in children traumatised by situations such as this will cost society significantly in the future. I would rather we resource prevention as well as timely, appropriate intervention now, than try to put together the pieces down the track.

Further, the strengthening of families with early intervention and development strategies should form an important part of the solution to a very, very complex problem.

Children need safe and strong families. We all do.

Ruth Limkin //