Share a little love with an Aussie charity

By Ruth Limkin

The silly season is now behind us, fading quickly from our minds but perhaps not so quickly from our waistlines.

As the new year begins, we ‘re hearing much from retailers about their slow Christmas.

However, spare a thought for Australian charities, who were likely the big losers last Christmas as Australians indicated they were less likely to make a charitable donation, citing financial pressures experienced during the year.

Australian charities play a significant role in the welfare of our nation, in a whole host of different areas.

As you look at the year ahead, consider making some form of contribution to a charity this year. It doesn’t even have to impact on your bottom line, as time volunteered can make just as much of a difference as dollars donated.

There are many charities that need your support.

Of course, one of these is the charity I am involved in, Northside Community Care, but there are so many to choose from.  The RSPCA is doing a wonderful job caring for creatures large and small. Priceless Life Centre is a Brisbane-based charity providing a crisis phone line, practical support and counselling for those who face unexpected pregnancy. Conservation Volunteers help connect people with the environment, to care for it, right around the nation.

As much as we will benefit others, we will also benefit ourselves, as generosity helps to replenish our soul. It’s a win-win – so why wait?

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