Where is God in this?

By Ruth Limkin

Following is an extract from an article I wrote after Cyclone Larry in 2006. It seemed fitting to repost it today as we face and respond to the Queensland floods.

Watching the extensive television coverage of Cyclone Larry in recent days, I was filled with a certain pride at how Australians had responded to this terrible crisis. Neighbours helping neighbours; communal bbqs cooking up all the food that would spoil without electricity to keep it frozen; volunteer personnel flying in to the disaster zone ready to help. Aussies helping Aussies.

As a community we have chosen to look after the weakest among us. We have chosen to “do unto others as we would want them to do unto us.”

We acted almost instinctively and reached out with compassion and mercy. If you asked people why they responded as they did, few would refer to the Bible or to value systems or anything grander than it simply being the right thing to do. However, even without realising it, we were, in fact, rediscovering the living elements of our nation’s Judeo-Christian tradition and adapting them to our present reality. We rejected fatalistic approaches, and chose the way of unconditional love instead.

… When we are faced with crisis, and must act quickly, our response speaks volumes about what we truly believe as a nation.

People often ask where God is in such a crisis. I’d suggest He is in the hands and hearts of those reaching out with love. That’s why it seems just the right thing to do.

Please help. Please give to the Premier’s Appeal. Please bake for volunteers at Council depots. Please help with sandbagging where you can.

However, most of the help required will be in the coming weeks and months, as we all work together to rebuild devastated communities and rebuild broken lives.



3 thoughts on “Where is God in this?

  1. but why does God not stop the event.. children have died? Where was God then.. as a 10 year old boy wathced his mother and brother drown? Wht did he not protect them?

    1. God gave ownership of the world to mankind… yet stands behind those who turn to Him to strengthen them when troubles come. He does not live in typhoons, floods, disasters… He lives in the hearts of men who put themselves out to help their brothers in difficult circumstances.

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