Next time, just point to Charlie Sheen

By Ruth Limkin

One can’t help but feel deeply saddened to watch, via public coverage, the unraveling of a life.

Charlie Sheen’s well publicised substance abuse issues, unrestrained sexual activity and bizarre media interviews point to a desperately troubled individual.

One also can’t help feeling sorry for the very many people affected by his behaviour, including the entire cast and crew of Two and Half Men.

While I feel little sorrow at the prospect of that show disappearing from the airwaves, I do feel sorry for those who will lose jobs, and income, because of it.

I also think of Charlie’s father, brother and other relatives who must despair to see what’s happening to their loved one.

What’s happening at the moment is, sadly, the perfect example of the way our private behaviour eventually goes public, one way or the other.

Next time someone tells you that they can do whatever they want because it’s their life, just point to Charlie Sheen. He probably never meant to hurt anyone either.