Whose consequence is it anyway?

The news today that a Dutch woman has given birth at 63 years old is not quite as surprising as it used to be.

With the increasing use of artificial reproductive technology (ART), we lack the moral courage to even discuss placing any limitations around the use of such processes.

The new mother (in a not-s0-new body) said  “her desire to have a child was so intense she was “prepared to accept the consequences”.

The only problem though, is that the consequences of ‘her desire’ will be carried by someone else.

Her child has been denied a father already, through the use of donor sperm, and it’s likely she will be denied a mother much earlier than her peers.

It seems that we have begun to see children as an entitlement, and science as obliged to fulfil that.

I wonder if one day a generation will look back at the decisions we made on their behalf, and rue our folly.