I wanted to do something with my life…

By Ruth Limkin

Aspiration is a good thing. The desire to grow and to achieve is commendable.

But aspiration is unavailable to many women around the world.

In this disturbing article in the New York Times, we are reminded that a country’s wealth doesn’t ensure welfare, and that a fast growing society doesn’t necessarily equal a fair one.

The article is about the plight of women in India, particularly regarding the level of rape within Indian society. It’s tragic and worthy of writing about in and of itself.

And yet, one of the other paragraphs caught my eye:

Seema Chowdhury, 20, the sister of one of the accused men, graduated from high school. But when she tried to enroll in college to become a teacher, her brothers refused to allow it. Young women who wander too far face many dangers, they argued. “I wanted to do something in my life,” she said. “But they thought it was not a good idea.”

It was yet another reminder that I am given a great responsibility, for I am a woman who lives in a society and situation in which I am free to ‘do something in my life’. Knowing that Seema is not so free galvanises me to ‘do wisely’.

May we all be galvanised to ‘do wisely’ – for Seema, just as much as for ourselves.