Actually, it is about choosing the sex

Someone needs to congratulate the Victorian Patient Review Panel.

A couple, who tragically have previously lost a baby girl at birth, wanted to use sex selective IVF which is illegal in Australia, and the Panel rejected their request.

The father, in comments after the decision, unwittingly revealed exactly why the Patient Review Panel made the right decision.

He said, “I can understand that a woman coming off the street and asking for that, they’d say no. But this isn’t about choosing the sex, it’s about the chance of having a child we should have had, that we lost.

Actually, it is about choosing the sex, and it’s also about placing emotional expectations upon a child. Either are bad – both are worse.

A child should be loved whatever gender it is. Equally, a child should not be expected to soothe their parent’s brokenness, and the assumption that they can is misguided and potentially emotionally harmful.

In the judgement by the Panel, which refused the request of the parents, we read: “They (the couple) believe having a child of the same sex as the one who died would assist their recovery from post-traumatic stress disorder, or assist their psychological health or wellbeing.”

In at least one situation, the wellbeing of children has triumphed over adult entitlement.  May we see many more such examples.

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