It’s easy to forget. Life is full. We are busy.

And so I’m taking a moment to remember, and invite you to do the same.

Let’s remember those in our own city. So many were affected by the floods, and there are still those living in tents and caravans. The reasons are many, but the need is still the same. ‘Help us if you can, but above all – remember us’.

Let’s remember our nation’s neighbour. Christchurch lost 181 residents in the earthquake 3 months ago and now has been told that over 900 of it’s CBD buildings – including the highly historic – will need to be demolished.

Let’s remember Japan. The scale of the tragedy is still impossible to comprehend and yet rescue workers continue to work tirelessly. A poignant description, written by a nurse helping in the north-east of the country, is worth reading. Warned not to cry, as the tears of rescue workers would be unwelcome, she describes walking through the debris.

‘As the wind blows, a sepia-coloured photograph and a new year’s greeting card with a picture of someone’s baby come flying to my feet. And at every step or two, there is a red flag fluttering in the wind, a whole slew of flags, too many to even begin to count. These red flags are standing to mark places where bodies have been found.

”An old lady is standing in front of one of the flags. She might be about the same age as my own grandmother. ‘Dear nurse from Tokyo, there was a house here that my husband worked so hard to build after the war. He never got sick once but now he’s dead.’ It was impossible not to cry.”

So many tragedies, and so many people have responded so well. Humanity has shone brightly.

We have given. We have prayed. Now let us keep remembering.