Porn’s not bad

By Ruth Limkin

Consider this from a book recently released by Tanith Carey.

  • A 2005 study of 1,297 children by the London School of Economics found that 57 per cent of over-nines had seen porn online.
  • By the time they are 17, one in four teenagers say they have sought out porn.
  • In 2008 a University of Amsterdam study of nearly 2,400 Dutch teens found that more frequent exposure to explicit internet porn was linked to a more open attitude to one-night stands and a ‘recreational’ view of sex.
  • Among U.S. high school students, one in six girls admits to putting into practice some of the sexual things she has seen in porn within a few days of viewing it.
  • Here in the UK, six out of ten teens told a 2009 Channel 4 survey that porn influenced their sex lives.

As Carey points out in her book, this is the first generation of young people who have been saturated with easily and relatively anonymously accessible pornography courtesy of broadband internet.

And what do these young people say?

“In a poll for the book Pornified, it’s 18 to 24-year-olds who are most in favour of measures to regulate porn. Four in ten believe porn damages relationships — and changes what men expect from women”.

Porn destroys relationships, distorts sexuality and dehumanises all of us.

Porn isn’t bad. It’s abhorrent.

It’s time we were all free from it’s influences.


One thought on “Porn’s not bad

  1. Great post Ruth! It’s peculiar that the terabytes of porn that’s accessible in most households isn’t considered a great moral hazard of our time. Maybe because out of sight is really out of mind…

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