RT pls: Finally, something we can all agree on

By Ruth Limkin

It feels like there has been a lot of angst in Australian recently. As a result, it also feels like twitter, a brilliant vehicle when used well, has also carried a whole lot of claims, counter-claims, insults and intimidation.

So, in the interests of everyone lightening up for a little while, and remembering what it’s like to smile, here’s some really great news – and it’s definitely worth retweeting.

Australian’s are volunteering and doing so really well. In fact, a new website of the Not-For-Profit sector tells us that ‘the value of volunteering in the not-for-profit sector is estimated at $14.6 billion per year’.

I know just what an amazing benefit volunteers are to the not-for-profit sector. While we need money to run programs which help the disadvantaged we also need volunteers – and simply cannot do what we do without them.

I think we can all agree this is pretty sensational news. So congratulations Australia and give yourself a pat on the back if you’re a volunteer. It’s almost like being a billionaire philanthropist!

Retweet away – and add a smile to someone’s day.