Be careful who your friends are

By Ruth Limkin

It might be a complete coincidence of course.

When people were calling for the resignation of Anthony Weiner, the sexting congressman, it seemed a little unusual considering that Americans had seemed comfortable with President Clinton’s sexual dalliances while in office.

I was surprised then to read this piece about Anthony Weiner this morning:

“His resignation marks a remarkable fall from grace for a politician who in 1992 became New York’s youngest-ever City Council member at 27 and who has been a leading liberal voice in the US House of Representatives. Mr Weiner was known for his forceful debating and acerbic wit and was married to Huma Abedin, 35, an aide to US secretary of state Hillary Clinton, in a ceremony officiated by former president Bill Clinton.”

Married… in a ceremony officiated by former president Bill Clinton…..

As I said, it might be a complete coincidence, but it did remind me that we should be careful as to who we let influence us.