Too busy? Time to get busier!

By Ruth Limkin

Did you know that volunteering’s good for your health?

Curtin University published an article on volunteering in which they cited a number of studies and sources that assessed the effect of volunteering on those who did so.

The article showed that benefits of volunteering included improved mental health, with 61% of people who volunteer a minimum of five times a year reporting that these activities assist them in feeling less stressed, while other studies show that volunteering reduces depression for those over 65.

Interestingly, they report that for the elderly, ‘volunteering on religious grounds is more beneficial than volunteering for secular reasons’.

So, rather than trying to find the time to volunteer, it might be wiser to make the time.

Life is busy. Always. Volunteer anyway.


One thought on “Too busy? Time to get busier!

  1. Good one, Ruth! Schools are begging for volunteers – just someone to sit and read with kids, or change books in classrooms… It is hardly rocket-science, but makes a huge difference to the kids and is a joy for the volunteers too!

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