R U (still) OK?

By Ruth Limkin

Yesterday was RU OK? day. It’s a brilliant, catchy way of reminding people to talk about depression, suicide, and getting help. We don’t really talk a lot about suicide, but we should, because it’s happening with a frightening regularity.

The thing most likely to kill an Australian under 40 is themselves. That’s a devastating statistic. It takes my breath away sometimes when I think about it. So I really, really hope that yesterday someone asked you if you were okay.

And if they didn’t, and you needed them to, it’s not you – it’s them. Sometimes, when we don’t know what to say next, we don’t know how to start in the first place. People care, but people feel clumsy sometimes.

So if you are not okay, you can call people like Lifeline. The number is 13 11 14. It’s a free, 24 hour support line. Please call them. They know what to say. They know how to help.

Please call them. Life can be painful, but it can also be beautiful. My prayer for you today is that you live, and that you catch a glimpse of the beauty that reminds you why you want to.