Dear PETA, please put some clothes on

By Ruth Limkin

It’s a little known fact that William Wilberforce, who was the driving force for the abolition of the legal slave trade, also started the RSPCA.It’s one more reason I admire him so much. The mistreatment of animals is abhorrent, and as an animal lover, I find it distressing. It’s also sociologically disturbing, as we know that people who abuse animals are more likely to then abuse people.

I applaud the work of those who advocate for responsible treatment of animals. Yet PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) have seriously compromised any ethical ‘authority’ through their decision to host an adult site featuring porn to spread the message against animal cruelty.

Using the new .xxx domain which is soon becoming available, PETA will ‘strip off’ the limitations they normally have to abide by in their already provocative campaigns.

PETA spokesperson, Ms Rajit, said, “We get as naked as we’re able to legally. In most cities and states that means you still have to wear pasties and some coverage on the bottom. With the triple-x domain you won’t have those limitations.”

It’s a sad irony that PETA are celebrating the removal of limitations, in order to promote the limiting of human behaviour.

The culture of porn exploits and harms women and children and damages human relationships.

I only wish PETA were as passionate about protecting women and children as they are about protecting animals.