The looming spectre of Christmas stress and what to do about it

By Ruth Limkin

I love Christmas, but it feels like Christmas is upon us, even though it’s still just over three months away.

Shops are selling decorations, friends are auditioning for Christmas shows and articles about ‘financial strategies’ for Christmas are being written warning people against creating financial stress by making Christmas all it ‘should be’.

Falling into the trap of comparing our Christmas experience with that of someone else, or one we had last year, or ten years ago, can leave us feeling discontent.

It actually doesn’t matter how simple you make Christmas this year. Your meal may be less extravagant than previous years. The gifts may cost a little less or be fewer in number. The table settings may never grace the pages of a magazine. However, the very fact that you have access to the internet, and are reading this, means your Christmas is likely to far surpass that of most of the world’s population.

Now is a great time to make a few decisions about what the next few months will hold, and to ensure that our perspective allows us to maintain our peace as we celebrate its’ Prince.


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