Never mind the killing

By Ruth Limkin Much of the world celebrated a win for democracy when Egypt’s dictator was recently removed. This article in The Australian may make us reconsider the celebration. It starts… TWELVE Christian were murdered in Egypt. Two hundred and thirty-two people wounded. The death toll will surely rise as victims succumb to their injuries. And that’s just in the past few days. In the same time … Continue reading Never mind the killing

A dangerous faith

By Ruth Limkin It’s increasingly dangerous to be a Christian in Pakistan. In this article from the UK’s Daily Mail we read: Two prominent Pakistani politicians have been murdered this year for their campaign to change blasphemy laws that make it a capital offence to insult Islam. Critics say the laws are widely misused to persecute Christians or settle scores in the mostly Muslim country. Human rights … Continue reading A dangerous faith

What I learnt from Hitler

By Ruth Limkin I recently heard something that Hitler said, and I cannot escape it. I’ve reflected on it several times even today. It’s this….. “What luck for rulers that men do not think.” – Adolf Hitler. We are each given a portion of time, energy and influence with which to make a difference to those around us. We all have the opportunity to exercise … Continue reading What I learnt from Hitler

Egypt: It depends who’s celebrating

By Ruth Limkin While some hail Mubarak’s resignation as a win for freedom, others express grave fears for Egypt and the middle east. Reports like this give cause for concern when you read who’s celebrating… Islamist group Hamas hailed 82-year-old Mr Mubarak’s resignation ….. Balaclava-clad members of the Ezzedine Al-Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of Hamas, also rallied across the strip. Depending on who steps … Continue reading Egypt: It depends who’s celebrating

The death of Hena

By Ruth Limkin When you’re a 14 year old girl, and an Australian, you are unlikely to ever be the victim of a fatwa issued against you from a Sharia court. When you’re 14 years old, and from Bangladesh, there seems little protection from it. Hena, 14, was accused of sleeping with a married man although some reports indicate that she had been raped by … Continue reading The death of Hena

No Christmas for Adam

There is no Christmas for four year old Iraqi Adam Eashoue this year. Adam was murdered while attending church in October this year, when extremists burst into the building. They killed two priests, took the congregation hostage and then murdered 50 of them, including Adam and his father. A report yesterday said that, “… the bloodied hand prints of murdered members of the congregation remain on the walls … Continue reading No Christmas for Adam

Not so free to choose

The latest news on Christians under attack from Islamic legal systems is here. The article is talking about two Afghani’s who are facing the death penalty because they converted to Christianity. Most illuminating is the quote below… “They are accused of conversion to another religion, which is considered a crime under Islamic law. If proved, they face the death penalty or life imprisonment,” Mr Quraishi … Continue reading Not so free to choose