Keeping up appearances

By Ruth Limkin I’ve been known to prioritize fashion over function before. Many women have. After all, while sports shoes may always be functional, most times it’s hard to go past a great pair of heels, or cute ballet flats, to complete a outfit. Women often spend time and money on their appearances. If it’s done from a place of confidence, rather than competitiveness, it’s … Continue reading Keeping up appearances

Children are not objects either

By Ruth Limkin I know that what I am about to say is the simplest of statements, but one of the things that quite amaze me about a newborn baby, is that as tiny as they are, they have within them everything needed to be a fully grown adult. Just add food and water, and a couple of decades, and you have an adult. (Of … Continue reading Children are not objects either

Humans not the enemy in climate change debate

Published in the Courier Mail 12 October 2009 SOMEONE has to say it sooner or later. “We are not the enemy.” By we, I mean you, and me, my neighbour and, well, everyone really. So often that is what we are perceived or promoted as – the enemy, the problem, the plague. In just the past few weeks, Sustainable Population Australia declared: “There is not … Continue reading Humans not the enemy in climate change debate

Everybody needs good neighbours

By Ruth Limkin We may enjoy a fabled sense of mateship within Australian, but it seems we’re not so good at neighbourliness. In a Neighbourhood survey in late 2010, nearly 60 of Australians reported that they don’t speak to their neighbours. Reading those results made me feel just a little better that I can only name five of the people who live around me. A … Continue reading Everybody needs good neighbours

Not writing about Japan

By Ruth Limkin It’s hard to write about Japan. The tragedy is overwhelming. The sheer scale of what we are seeing, and the complexity of the multi-layered crisis, makes it difficult to wrap words around. Sometimes it’s best not to write at times like these, but to reflect, to consider, to watch and wait. The immediacy of publication in a wired world can sometimes be … Continue reading Not writing about Japan

If you can’t say anything nice….

By Ruth Limkin Prime Ministers should be able to spend their time leading the country. That Prime Minister Gillard was forced to spend some time addressing petulant bullies is a reproach upon the Australian Workers Union. If you missed the news the last few days, here’s what happened: Paul Howes launched a vitriolic and abusive attack upon management of Rio Tinto. He then continued by … Continue reading If you can’t say anything nice….

Make more money, give more money

By Ruth Limkin I work for a non-profit charity and we need money to help people. So, of course, I want successful companies to be generous and invest back into the communities around them. But something didn’t seem right today when the Treasurer said BHP Billiton’s half-year profit of $10.51 billion was proof that we needed a super-profits tax. Why does a company being successful … Continue reading Make more money, give more money

Remembering who we are

By Ruth Limkin The recent dark days, filled with floods, fires and cyclones have touched a nerve. And it seems they have reminded us who we are. According to research recently released, we’re all remembered how to be generous, and plan on putting it into action. We read: “A survey by Vodafone revealed the number of people planning to volunteer with a charity or good … Continue reading Remembering who we are