I marched once, on ANZAC day

By Ruth Limkin I marched once, on ANZAC day. I am not a returnedĀ soldier, but I am the granddaughter of one. Several years ago, when my grandfather lived in the same town as us, we marched together. My cousins, my sister, and my grandfather. We marched because he asked us to. We felt out of place if truth be told. Those who’d risked their very … Continue reading I marched once, on ANZAC day

The post-New York blahs

By Ruth Limkin I’ve been in a New York state of mind. My fourth visit to the city for a recent holiday was as wonderful as the first three times. It’s a captivating city even with it’s concrete overload and it’s consumerist obsession, because it’s cultural richness is vast indeed. I’ve been back in Australia for a few days, yet still fortunate enough to be … Continue reading The post-New York blahs

The secret santa present that nobody wanted

By Ruth Limkin There’s always one. Whenever there’s a secret santa, there’s always one gift that no-one wants. When it gets opened, the person who chose it has that “I guess I need to look happy anyway” look on their face. Everyone watching the gift being opened breathes a sigh of relief, grateful that they didn’t end up with it. Such was the case this … Continue reading The secret santa present that nobody wanted