Accidental entrepreneurs

Have you ever had one of those moments when a total stranger says just four words to you, and manages to sum up what you’ve been struggling to articulate for years without even realising it? I’ve¬†worn a lot of hats in my professional life, often at the same time. Whether in journalism, not-for-profits, education, government, communication and public relations, and now in health and wellness, … Continue reading Accidental entrepreneurs

The art of living spectacularly

By Ruth Limkin It seems that we’re switching on to the idea of switching off. Last week, the Hurstville Mayor encouraged Australians to turn their mobile phone off on Australia Day and spend it with friends and family. Now the Courier Mail has¬†reported the increasing trend of holidaymakers who are ’embracing resorts that ban mobile phones or have no reception in an attempt to disconnect, … Continue reading The art of living spectacularly