Guns, words and other powerful things

By Ruth Limkin I’m always conflicted when I hear the mantra: “Guns don’t kill people. People kill people.” On one hand that’s absolutely correct. On the other, it misses the point absolutely. Yes, a gun usually requires a person to operate it to kill someone. However, a person’s ability to kill, harm, and maim is exponentially enhanced when you give them a semi-automatic weapon, as … Continue reading Guns, words and other powerful things

No Christmas for Adam

There is no Christmas for four year old Iraqi Adam Eashoue this year. Adam was murdered while attending church in October this year, when extremists burst into the building. They killed two priests, took the congregation hostage and then murdered 50 of them, including Adam and his father. A report yesterday said that, “… the bloodied hand prints of murdered members of the congregation remain on the walls … Continue reading No Christmas for Adam